Welcome at our Agency

We have completed 20 years of labour law compliance practice. Since we process payroll of few clients, we have in-depth knowledge of related compliance.

Our Vision

To provide fair, honest, and equal representation to those of legal aid.

Our Mission

The global law firm that sets the standards

Our Values

We will look after our client’s interests as if they were our own. We will deliver levels of service and build relationships that are second to none

Our team is engaged in interacting with client for:
  • Conducting systems audit for new clients and suggesting corrective steps.
  • Ensuring compliance required under various labour statutes are adhered to by undertaking in-depth auditing and suggesting actions to bridge gaps when found in respect of existing clients.
  • Obtaining registrations and clearances required under statutes.
  • Answering legal queries and closing them by drafting replies.
  • Guiding clients to represent before courts, commissioners and other authorities and representing client when so required.
  • Conducting labour law  ‘due-diligence audits’ before takeover of new companies.
We have conducted labour law due-diligence audits in TEN organizations, all of which were taken over by our clients.

Our Chief Consultant Adv. Mahendra Gurav, who is also proprietor of the company, has acquired LL.B from Mumbai University in 2004. He has six years of experience in HR consultants in Labour Law Consultant Firm senior HR consultant. He wanted to be on his own and therefore quit lucrative job and commenced his career as consultant advising managements on entire gamut of labour laws, personnel, industrial relations, union negotiations HR functions. What was started in 1995 as an individual endeavour has grown to this size since then.